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Tuesday – 12/7/10 Had to take Bob to the emergency room this morning. He was having paid and said it felt like when he had his aortic aneurysm. His blood pressure was extremely high (although a recent med he’s been taking made the swelling in his ankles go down a lot). At one point the ER doctor mentioned getting him ready for surgery, but then the vascular dr. said he wanted to just “wait and see” because with his other surgeries and the scars they probably couldn’t operate. He thinks it might just be a tear in the wall of the aorta and may heal itself if they can get his blood pressure under control. So it’s a waiting game. His blood sugar is pretty good until the pain meds wear off, and then it spikes again. I came home about 5:30 as I can’t see to drive in the dark and wasn’t sure I could even find my way back to the RV! Weebles was very happy to see me as he hadn’t been able to go out all day. Ben (my former boss) had stopped by to drop off some magazines, so Bob can read those and watch more than 2 channels on the TV! Below here I’ll add what I’ve been writing about the past few days that didn’t get put on.

Friday 12/03 – Ben picked Bob up to go golfing (Bob won) and I met them later at Mr. Gatti’s where the kids had fun playing all the games and we stuffed ourselves.

Saturday – Went to Walmart to pick up a few things (we shop just out of sheer boredome!). Ran out of water so we did our empty/fill thing to get us through a few more days. The water here is not very good so we want to be empty when we leave here this coming week.

Sunday – Went to Sam’s Club to pick up some num-nums for Weebles ($45 worth!) and ended up spending over $100 when all we needed was the nums and garlic-stuffed queen olives (which they didn’t have). Found some huge navel oranges. Stopped by HEB to pick up some baking powder and soda so Bob can make his sourdough bread (2 items that we left behind with all the other things we didn’t bring). Walked out with only 2 bags – not bad!

Monday 12/6 – we went to MARC Industries’ sheltered workshop to get a tour from Dixie (a former co-worker in Maquoketa). She’s really done a lot to get their program going. She then took us out to their greenhouse where they grow those ““Hydro-Licious” tomatoes. (I’ll get some pictures put on here after Bob gets out of the hospital and downloads the pics he took.)

Fascinating operation. Then we stopped at Jorges (?) Mexican restaurant and came home.

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