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Thursday 12/9 – Dr. Sawyer offered us 3 options today. Bob could just let things as they are with the understanding that at some point his aneurysm would rupture and there would be no chance of saving him, he could have surgery to have a fabric stent put in, or he could go back to Iowa City. This doctor seems very competent and has done many of these procedures. He has been conferring with a doctor in Boston who agrees with his plan of non-invasive surgery. It also gives the best options of continued life! The thoracic endovascular aortic repair is a minimally invasive procedure in which a stent graft – a fabric tube reinforced with metal springs – is threaded through the femoral artery and expanded at the site of the aneurysm. Once in place it creates a new path for blood flow, reducing pressure on the aneurysm and risk of rupture. We're praying for a super good outcome so we can trek on down the road.

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