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This was what it looked like once the worst of the fog...

The Field Of Dreams.

Jonathan in front of the house with the white picket fence.

Deb and Jonathan.

Good catch! Jonathan and Deb warm up while the Little League teams...

Nice throw Boyo!

Sitting in the stands. Wonder if Kevin Costner ever sat here?

Jonathan on the pitching mound. He fires it in there!

Heading out. Tom gets our picture by the sign marking the entrance.

Sunday, July 20, 2008.

Rustic Barn Campground, Kieler, WI

Across Iowa to The Field of Dreams

We got up this morning in Sioux Falls and the fog was too thick to drive so we decided to go have breakfast at the restaurant in the truck stop. We watched the weather but the fog was burning off slowly so there wasn't any hurry. That was nice.

We got on the road around 8:00 and drove until we arrived in Dyersville where The Field of Dreams is located. We walked around and checked things out. Everything looked just like it did in the movie (which was in the theaters 18 years ago?).

There was a car coming out of the driveway as we were pulling in so we had missed the sign telling us "No Semis". That usually means "No 38' RVs pulling a Yukon" too. There were little league teams that had driven from Illinois to Iowa for playoff games out on the field playing one another so we decided to take this time to unhook and get the RV turned around and hooked back up.

By the time we were finished, the field had cleared for the most part and we had some time to get out and throw and catch the ball together. Tom played photographer. His pneumonia is getting better but he probably wasn't up to playing baseball just yet.

We hit the road again around 5:00. We took the "scenic route" to Dubuque. There were "Road Closed" signs and the GPS took us the long route but the scenery was beautiful. Valleys with red barns, white farm houses and blue and silver silos surrounded by fields of green corn and soybeans. It's nice to be back in the midwest. We did see some aftermath from some of the floods though. Some of the fields were still flooded and there were trees along the river that had been totally uprooted and left laying up on the banks.

We drove on through Dubuque then to Kieler Wisconsin where our campground is. It's a nice place. We're parked right across the street from the playground. There's nice scenery and the place is very well kept up. We'll be seeing Tom's side of the family this next couple weeks.

We have more pictures to post. I'm getting used to the camera and some of them didn't upload because of size. More to come.

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