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That's Philadelphia in the distance - we went around it.

Here's proof - the Phillies' ball park

and the Flyers' arena - both on the edge of town by...

Hagley Park - the base of the DuPont empire - one of...

The Brandywine River which provided mill power to many 19th century enterprises...

The original DuPont mansion - there are two newer, larger ones nearby...

A gorgeous old DuPont touring car.

Another of the old mill buildings.

In the patent museum: the top left model is for the first...

We left our Atlantic City campsite and headed westward to get around Delaware Bay - we suspected that the ferry at the mouth of the bay probably wasn't running due to the high winds. We crossed over the Delaware River right at Philadelphia, but circled around it to head south (we did find their sports facility complex by accident!) When we got into Delaware we headed to Wilmington, not too large a city, where we found the Brandywine River valley, a major industrial site of the 1900s, and the source of the DuPont family and company fortunes making black powder. We drove past some of the DuPont laboratories and past several of the family's huge mansions, and found Hagley Park. Hagley is now a large park containing one of the original family homes and many of the buildings left behind when the black powder mills shut down in 1910 or so. It was a beautiful park to walk around and very interesting - live demonstrations, etc. In the old days the US patent office required each patent applicant to supply a model of their invention or improvement. These models have now been got rid of, and some of the models which the Smithsonian didn't take are kept in a museum here - also very interesting. After the museum closed we drove over to Dover, the state capital, to spend the night with Wal-Mart.

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