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Big Trees in Redwood National Park - Carol at bottom of photo

Moss hanging on trees

Lady Bird Johnson Tree

Banana Slug and the ground cover

Gold Bluff Beach

Gold Bluff behind beach while the sneaker got me

Gold Bluff

Fern Canyon

Ground cover and the ocean

The ocean and the rocks

Monday, May 14, 2007, we drove north on highway 101 to a little town of Trinidad, CA. The drive was though more hills, mountains and forest. The road was 4-lane until it wandered through the hills, when it would turn into a 2-lane road, then when out of the hills it would turn back into 4-lane. Just the opposite of what you really need with a motorhome. There were plenty of passing lanes when the hills would get steep, which was helpful. Overall it is a very scenic drive. The closer we got to Trinidad the closer the highway got to the coast so that added to the scenery. We had to stop to take pictures of the ocean a couple of times. We arrived at the Sounds of the Sea RV Park by mid-afternoon. The RV park was on a hill near the ocean but too many trees to really see the ocean. We could hear the waves and the sea lions barking from our RV, so I guess that is why they gave their RV Park the name Sounds of the Sea.

We have been fortunate to have had beautiful weather about every place we have been. The tour guide while we were in San Francisco even mentioned that a few days earlier he was giving his tour and it was so foggy you could not even see the Golden Gate Bridge. The day we were there it was a warm, sunny day. We have not have any weather that has interfered with any of our sightseeing. So Tuesday we get up and it was foggy, but our destination today is to the Redwood National Park. Visiting the Redwood forest in the fog sort of added interesting atmosphere to the viewing of the huge Redwood Trees. The other aspect to the Redwood National Park is that part of the park also encompasses the ocean coast. Viewing the coast was not that bad in the fog either. The only time the fog was a problem was when we decided to drive up the mountain to the Redwood Creek Overlook area. We should have known better, because by the time we got to the top of the mountain the fog was so thick you could not see 75 feet past the railing around the overlook area. Other than that it was still a very scenic day despite the fog. The Redwood National Park is kind of unique because is a long skinny park along the coast so that it has ocean and giant Redwood Trees all in one National Park. It also completely surrounds three State Parks where sometimes you are in the National Park and sometimes in the State Park. Another thing, a major highway travels through the park or on the eastern boarder of the park, which allows a few small towns to be right on the edge of the park.

We started the day visiting the Kuchel Visitor Center, where we watched a video about the park. We then drove up a mountain to visit the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. It was a one-mile walk to see the tall Redwood Trees and the tree dedicated to her for her environmental work. Carol was sure it was longer than the posted one-mile walk. We then drove up the fore mentioned overlook, then back down the mountain to have lunch in the little town of Orick. We then drove to Elk Meadow (no Elk today) then through the hills on a dirt road to Gold Bluffs Beach and the ocean. We were warned at the visitor center about sneakers. I was puzzled by what he meant by that and he said, watch out for the waves. All the waves will be similar in size and then all of a sudden a huge wave will come along and sneak up on you. Well, I was standing at the edge of the water, taking pictures of the ocean and then I turned to take a picture of the bluffs behind the beach. You guessed it, I was attacked by a sneaker wave and it drenched one shoe and one pant leg. Carol was amused, but I was not. We then drove over to visit Fern Canyon. The name applies, as it a canyon where all the walls of the canyon are covered with four varieties of ferns. We then drove back to the RV after a few stops to take more pictures.

Wednesday, we are off to Gold Beach, Oregon

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