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12/10/10 – Spent the day at the hospital today (Friday) but Bob didn’t wake up the whole time. The hospital called early this morning to say they were putting him on a ventilator because his CO2 levels were very erratic, he was running a high fever and wasn’t coherent. They had him heavily sedated. While I was there they did a CT of his brain to make sure there was no bleeding and ultrasounds of his legs and lungs. They also put an IV directly into his neck. All the tests came back fine and they say he’s stable. The doctor is concerned about meningitis if they introduce anything else into his body so they will wait until he is free of the fever and/or infection before going ahead with the surgery. One of the doctors indicated that the fever may be due to healing of the aneurysm (we can only hope) as they couldn’t figure out what infection he may have – but they are treating him with strong antibiotics. They had given him a med with a bit of cyanide in it and he reacted to it, so they then had to put an antidote in his IV. It’s been a long day. Ben stopped by and we had a pop in the cafeteria, which gave me a little break. I left a little early today to get home and let Weebles out as he didn’t have much time this morning when I got the call and rushed to the hospital. I started filling the RV water tank and then got on Facebook and forgot about it – it was clear at the top when I remembered! Hope I don’t get in trouble with hubby over that one. Think I’ll take my laundry with me tomorrow as there’s a Laundromat across the highway and it’ll give me a little break. Appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers people have been sending our way on Facebook.

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