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Not much new. Talked to a different doctor today who showed me pictures of aneurysm (which I really didn’t understand). He said usually in cases where people have been treated somewhere else they like to send them back to that hospital but in Bob’s case they doubted he’d make the plane trip alive – which really hit home, so I had a bad spell for a bit. But I’m back to being positive again that all will work out. Said they may operate Sunday or Monday and they’d decide later on in the day. Ben stopped by and took me to lunch with his family at Fudruckers, which helped. Nothing like 4 little rugrats to cheer you up !!! Came home a little early today; didn’t do laundry today but maybe tomorrow. Before I left the nurse mentioned that Dr. Sawyer had indicated he has Bob on the surgery schedule for Tuesday so not sure what’s going on – maybe want to keep him stable a bit longer…and I think he may be off until then, not sure. I’ve never met the other doctor who would have been doing surgery and I feel vey confident with Dr. Sawyer so maybe it’s for the best. Just keep praying people

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