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Sunday – Met the 2nd surgeon (Dr. Van Husen) who will be operating with Dr. Sawyer on Tuesday. Very likable guy and he also made me feel comfortable. He drew me a picture of the “aortic dissection” and it was totally different than I had pictured. He explained what they would be doing, and although he said the risks would be higher (3-5% of stroke or death and 15% of paralysis) due to Bob’s previous surgeries, I still have great faith that everything will be okay. Left the hospital for awhile to do some laundry, and then came home about 3:30. They stopped the sedation drip for awhile when I was there to check and make sure he could still squeeze their hands and wiggle his toes on command, and then sedated him again. He never really comes to but does respond to them. Ben came and picked me up and took me back to his house for supper with the family, and then brought me back to the RV. He’s a great comfort. Many family members and friends have offered to be here with me, but I’m afraid that would make it harder on me – this way I can stay more positive by telling myself that this will all be over in a week or so and we can be on our way…but really appreciate the offers, thoughts and prayers of everyone. One more day to get through – surgery is scheduled for 7:30 Tuesday morning. Will keep you posted.

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