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I ran out of gas in our 20# cylinder last night. Got pretty darn cold. Ben had taken the other empty one with him on Sunday night so I let him know I was out and he got it filled, picked me up at the hospital, took me out to eat, came back to the RV and switched the tanks and then took me back to the hospital. Super guy. Saw the doctor for a minute; he was just checking that everything was still stable with Bob and we are scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. All the personnel at the hospital are super caring; couldn't ask for more from them. Dixie and Biscuit stopped up at the hospital later in the day to visit with me. Ben and Dixie both said they’d be at the hospital with me tomorrow so I’ll be in good hands. Talked/texted Bob’s kids, sister, my daughter and my sister. Appreciate everyone’s prayers and support, and will start contacting people after surgery.

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