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Decorated cars at the Plaza de Armas, outside the Cathedral

This is in the process of decorating...

...these even managed to drive away!

Well, I wasn't looking forward to yet another overnight bus journey, but quickly onwards was necessary! This time, had a twelve hour ride from the de facto capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, to the official capital of Sucre. To help the journey pass more pleasantly, it was with a "bus cama" - meaning that the chair reclines to an almost horizontal position.

At the time of departure, was pleased with the prospects of having two seats to myself! However, about half an hour later, at "El Alto" - a new suburb of La Paz, the seat next to mine was given to a rather fat gentleman. His body mass managed to flow into my seat, which I did't really like, but hey! it's slightly warmer for me then!! Speaking of which, am also perfecting riding on night buses cacooned in my sleeping bag, and my fleece rolled up as a pillow. In actuality, the journey passed pretty nicely, and even managed to sleep pretty well.

Arrived into Sucre early in the morning, and by eight o'clock had registered at "Cruz de Popayan", as recommended to me by Sara from Sweden yesterday. But I had to come back at ten, as the room wasn't yet vacated. So off in pursuit of some breakfast - again a listing of a veggie place proved to be a phantom one by the Lonely Planet. Instead stumbled into "El German", a very nice German resturant. Even though its signboard advertised for its speciality meaty German dishes, there were in fact quite a few nice veggie options too.

Also tried to locate the tourist information centre, which wasn't where it was listed. And of course when I finally got there (at 10am), it was still closed despite opening at nine. Oh well. So took myself to the Plaza - where there was again some mad decorating of cars going on. But here in Sucre, it's even more exergerratedly wrapped with colourfully woven Andean cloths, lots of silver (e.g. spoons) sewn on, and even topped with several dolls. Turned out to be the day of their patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalope. As in Copacabana the festivity would not be completed without the setting off of some firecrackers, and the cars managed to drive away - amazingly since the windscreen was more or less totally obscured by the decorating!

When I finally finished reading "Coreilli's Mandolin", walked back to the hostel to find that they had given my room away. Wonderful! Only dormitory was left... but having shared my sleeping space with other people so often already this week, I really fancied some solitude. Apparently most of the other hotels were full, due to the an "international festival of culture" at the moment, plus more (religious) celebrations tomorrow. Was recommended another hostel, which wasn't full at all. In fact, it looked like I was the only guest there! Well, I wasn't looking for THAT much solitude!!

This time had more luck speaking to someone at the tourist information. The lady was curiously powdered a few shades lighter than her natural colour, and was quite distracting speaking to an unnaturally made up doll. She was very keen to practice her English, which was hard work for me to understand. Plus she didn't actually give me much useful information. Had looked forward to exploring Sucre, and also to do a bit of trekking around the city, but not much looked appealing. Same goes with the agencies... The tours were pretty expensive, not enough people to make a group, and the attractions lukewarm interesting. Hmmm, looks like I will be out of Sucre earlier than anticipated!! Have been in the city for about ten hours, and already feeling bored. It does, however, give me a chance to catch up with my journal, I have to admit!!

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