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Saturday, September 27-Friday, October 3

Los Campos de Santa Fe RV,

Santa Fe, NM

We left Marion bright and early Saturday morning and drove to Oklahoma City. We arrived before sunset and had driven for twelve hours. We "camped" in a Wal-mart parking lot that night. When we got up the next morning, we realized we had a stream outside the breakfast window. It was really a pretty view considering the fact that we were sitting in a parking lot. The stream literally ran under the lot. We were getting ready to go when we looked out the front window and saw two hot air balloons taking off so we had to stick around long enough to watch them launch then we hit the road. The rest of the day was spent driving to Santa Fe and getting settled into our new campground Los Campos de Santa Fe RV.

We had a nice site. The temperatures were nice. Deb and Jonathan continued doing homeschool this week because Deb knew they would want to take a little time off once we made it to the Balloon Fiesta. They would get up and take a walk in the mornings then come back and get to the studies. Along the walk was an aquaduct. It rained some while we were there so it was interesting watching and getting to observe the aquaduct in all it's different stages and the plant life around it.

We took some day trips while we were in Santa Fe. One day we drove Turquoise Trail. We stopped at the restaurant where the movie Wild Hogs was filmed. It was really a neat little town. We did some shopping in a couple other places then called it a day. Part of the drive took us to the top of the mountain where we could overlook the field where the Balloon Fiesta was taking place. Jonathan liked the radio towers up there though and how they affected the automatic locks on the Yukon.

On the weekend we took a scenic drive on one of the other loops. (Tom got to go on this one.)

__We went out for dinner one night at Tomositos. The food was great! Jonathan liked the green chili salsa. The rest of us thought is was way too hot but he could tolerate it for some reason. The mariachi band came in playing. This band was all women though so it was different than any other mariachi band we ahd seen. The vallet enjoyed talking with Tom. Mom and I enjoyed our Margaritas.

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