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Sunday 12/19/10 – Day 12 Went to the hospital about 10 and they had the ventilator tube out, with just an oxygen mask on Bob. He was pretty disoriented and I don’t think he knew who I was. He had been running a temp of 103 so they said his confusion might be due to the extended time on the ventilator and the fever. After awhile he was trying to talk but wasn’t really saying any words that could be understood. As time went on it sounded like he was hollering at me (although it didn’t sound like “Joy”, but I can tell when he yells at me !!). I figured out he was saying water so we gave him some ice chips and sips of water. But in order to do that I had to keep taking his mask off so his CO2 level was dropping and BP going up. They ended up putting a stronger type mask on him and were going to leave it on for 4 hours to try to get his level up to 95-100. If it didn’t increase he was going to have to go back on the ventilator. His daughter Bobbie called and I held the phone up to his ear and he was squinting/squeezing his eyes shut so I think he recognized her. The doctor’s associate came in and said as far as the surgery everything was good and he could be going home, except for the breathing situation that is being caused by being on a ventilator for so many days. Said it may take another 3-4 days and may need to receive therapy. Ben picked me up about 3:30 for dinner and a kids gift exchange at his house. Then brought me back to the hospital about 6:30. Bob seemed more lucid and his temp had dropped to 99+. He still felt warm so the nurse was going to turn the AC back on. She said sometimes high temps are the result of blood clots trying to heal themselves and he has 1 or 2 in his left arm that they’re watching. I left shortly after that as he gets so agitated when I can’t understand what he is saying, and couldn’t talk through the mask. Drove home in the dark, which made me very nervous. Had a little breakdown when I got home, but I’m good again. Things will look better in the morning.

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