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Monday 12/20 Pretty rough day. Bob is no longer responding to specific commands and they were having a hard time keeping his oxygen level where they want it. His temperature was still at 99.4 so that was good. Ben stopped by and we teamed up to give him some water. Ben would remove the oxygen mask and I would put spoonfuls of water in his mouth. We could only get about 4-5 spoons in and had to put the mask back on as his oxygen would drop below 89. Then would need to wait until it went back up to 93-94. The neurosurgeon (?) doctor came in to do an assessment and since he wasn’t following commands he ordered an EEG as they didn’t think they could do an MRI with his oxygen the way it was. They need to know if there possibly was a stroke or seizure causing the problem or if it’s just because he’s still got so much of the propolol (?) still in him. Won’t get results until tomorrow morning. He is still very swollen but not quite as bad as a few days ago. I had to go out to the car and have a cry in the middle of the day because I feel like there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better. He looks so miserable with the oxygen mask not being big enough (largest they have) and it’s either digging into his forehead or his tongue, and he constantly is trying to say stuff but can’t be understood. Then Ben came up after work and we got him to do the water thing again. Dixie and her husband Bob (Biscuit) also stopped up and we got him to laugh a little bit. He even said a couple words that he shouldn’t and we almost understood them! That was encouraging and I felt better then. Went to Ben’s for turkey salad sandwiches and visited with the kids, and he brought me home later. Said he’s going to move me out of the park I’m in tomorrow and set the RV up at their sheltered workshop at this end of town (would be about 5 miles closer to the hospital) and I’d be in an enclosed area. He and Melissa would like me to come stay with them, but I feel better in my own little place with Weebles. Hoping tomorrow is a little bit better. Sorry if I don't respond to people right away; just have too much on my mind but really appreciate your prayers.

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