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Tuesday 12/21 When I got to the hospital this morning the Internal Med doctor said they may be doing a PT assessment on him later to see if he could sit up for awhile. They also were going to do a swallow consult by OT, and were going to start alternating between the big oxygen mask and the one that just goes in your nostrils. I went to meet Biscuit and Luis from MARC so they could move the RV to the workshop grounds. There are 2 big metal buildings surrounded by a tall chainlink fence, and I’m parked behind one of the buildings. (I’m living in a “gated community” !!!) I can go in and use their shower, etc. and Weebles has some pavement to walk around on. He immediately got out and did his duty! I went back to the hospital and Bob asked me where I’d been! I told him, and asked him if they had him sitting up at all. He said he had been working all day … Drs. Sawyer and Foster came in about 5:15 and did an assessment. Bob was able to tell them his name, my name, and they asked where he had his aneurysms. I think they meant where on his body, but he responded “University Hospitals in Iowa City”. He’s starting to talk a little clearer, but not consistently coherently. Right after they left he said “I suppose you’re going to be getting on the road to California now” ??? Dr. Foley (the brain dr) said the EEG came out good. He didn’t appear to have suffered a stroke or seizures, but that he is suffering from arterio-whatever (I think what we know as hardening of the arteries and nothing that can be done for it). Some of it is because of the blood pressure being kept so low that the arteries aren’t opening up as much as normal. They indicated that this would improve daily, and Dr. Sawyer felt once he is back on his feet he will be fine. The social worker came in again and said that Select Specialty Hospital has agreed to accept him and that the doctor would take him on at no cost. Sounds like he can’t stay at this hospital once he is off the breathing apparatuses. Hopefully the Select Hospital accepts Part A of Medicare, but I suppose it really doesn’t matter at this point. I spent most of the time while I was there feeding him water with a spoon. He seemed to like being waited on! Every once in awhile he would laugh (he never laughs at home !!!). Met Dixie and Biscuit back at the workshop at 6 so they could let me back in the gate, and I’m now locked in for the night! Only 7:45 but it’s been a long day so I think Weebles and I will head to bed.

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