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12/22/10 – Wednesday Helps me put the day and date as all of these days are running together. Had a little excitement last night. About 2 am heard a loud ruckus in a neighborhood up the block. Lots of dogs barking wildly and it sounded like someone was being attacked by them. Lasted quite awhile and I didn’t see any other lights coming on in the neighborhood, but did see a couple flashlights after a bit. Stuck my head back in the window and went to sleep! Made a quick trip to the grocery store this morning before heading out to the hospital. They were giving Bob a bath when I got there so I waited about a half hour before going in. The doctor that was there said he’s down to 4 liters oxygen. The physical therapist lady came in after a bit and we got him to sit on the side of the bed – quite a struggle. Dixie emailed me that there had been a loud noise at the trailer and talking from inside, and asked if I had an alarm. I said no, and headed back to the RV. Found out later it must have been something going on out in the street on the other side of the RV! Meanwhile Ben and Nacho had gone to the hospital, but then came to the RV to try to get me set up with Internet and TV. Spent about 1-1/2 hours with no success, until Ben’s secretary reminded him he had an aircard. So he put that in for me and we’ll just skip the TV as I don’t watch it much anyway. Dixie brought me a gate key so I could get in and out, and then I went back to the hospital. Luckily it’s only 10 minutes from here. Unluckily my gas light came on – had a heck of a time finding a gas station and then finding my way back to the hospital! OT came in and told me they are going to start giving Bob pureed food later tonight or tomorrow. I told Bob (again) about the RV being moved and he asked me when he should follow me down there! Also told me he was at the Sheriff’s Office and he really needed to get out of there. I don’t think he realizes where he’s at, and thinks this is his first surgery because he was telling me that Dr. Corson said he could go spend some time in Washington State with his kids (which he did at the time!). I stayed about an hour and came back to the RV – had a little trouble trying to lock the gate back up. Weebles has gone out about 3 times since I got back – he likes to just wander around and piddle wherever he feels like it! I called our neighbor Jack to ask him to check on the level of LP in our tank at home and have it filled – he’ll have to plow the driveway out first! Well, time to have some ice cream and hit the hay. Just glad I have internet back so I can keep everyone informed.

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