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Tuesday, March 17, 2009. Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails Yosemite Jonathan and I drove up to the park today to check on things. We found out that the chain restriction had been lifted for now so that was good news. Glad we didn't order them after all. We thought about going to the Visitor's Center but it was further into the park than I realized so I decided to make it a "gathering information" trip and we'll go tomorrow much more prepared. Tom took a little break at one point this afternoon. We all three walked down to the playground for a little while. It turned out to be a very short time. Some kind of bug bit me so I ended up running back up to the RV so I could figure out what it was. We ended up sitting out in the lawn chairs for a little while then tried again later. Jonathan and I went for a bike ride and ended up back down at the playground where Tom joined us. Once the mosquitoes started dive bombing the two of them we headed back up to the rig. There are three RVs on the row now. One other couple arrived today and parked right next to us strangely enough. I guess there are supposed to be about twenty by the weekend. We had the window open at one point tonight. Tom asked "Is that a dog?" I heard it and just figured it was until I heard it again. When we all heard it the second time we realized it was a wolf. Wow, kind of neat. He was really howling. It was nice to sit and listen to it knowing we were safe and sound in the RV. Jonathan, Tom and I ended the evening with some video games. We raced on Mario Kart and I got beat every time. My saving grace was that I didn't come in last every time. Jonathan and I talked about Cub Scouts for quiet a while when I was tucking him into bed. He was excited so we talked and talked. He memorized the Cub Scout Pledge, looked through his handbook and learned the Cub Scout Handshake.

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