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12/23/10 Thursday – Bob is still very disoriented. The first thing he said when I got there this morning was “Weebles died”. I told him no, that he was fine. Then he said “he shiiiiiiit all over the floor”. They had a CT scheduled for him about 10 minutes after I got there, so I went ahead and drove down to Walmart to pick up a few things. Very hectic place. Bob will answer when I ask him questions like where he is (Midland) and when I mentioned Ben’s name he said “and Melissa” (his wife). But then he got mad at something and said I have to pull his pants up so we can get out of there! And he keeps asking me why I keep saying “what” – but I keep saying what because I can never understand him the first time he says something! It’s a losing battle… He ate lunch (pureed, soft food). The physical therapist had tried to stand him up while I was at the store but wasn’t able to get him up. He had his glasses on when I got back and he was reading the print on the TV, and he was constantly smiling and laughing (hope that keeps up). He’s moving his arms and legs mor.e His puffiness has gone down a lot. He sure can holler “Joy” plain enough when he wants something! He had supper while I was there – mashed potatoes, pureed chicken, peas – and when he ate most of that he had some chocolate pudding! I found out right before I left that they are moving him to a rehab hospital in the morning as he doesn’t need to be on any IV’s and is breathing better. Hope to find out what the new CT revealed when I get there in the morning. Came back to the RV and I’m doing a couple loads of laundry in the workshop. It rained a little bit today so the ground is wet; first rain in eons. Tomorrow should be interesting. This new facility of course is on the other side of Midland!

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