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It's yet another day of travelling for me... Though almost missed the bus. We had gotten up too late, too slow with breakfast (Yat's fault), too much talking... then realised the time, and ran and ran for the bus. With two bus changes, I was only half-hearted in catching the intended 2pm bus. Miraclously got to the terminal just as the bus was pulling out of the dock. With typical Latino style, Andrés extravagantly waved for the bus to stop, and I managed to climb aboard. And promptly fell asleep soon after...

After changing buses at Temuco, arrived into Pucón fairly late in the evening. My hostel was very warm, the bedding looked lovely (a big fluffy duvet! My first in 11 months!!), and what's best...there's a restuarant attached to the hostel! Apparently it's vegetarian, but with the unfortunate inclusion of fish on the menu. Still, honestly, for the first time in a long time, was able to flick through the menu and take time to ponder over which dish I'd like to have... Just as well will be staying a few days to exhaust my different options!!! Hehe

The next day had the lovely task of asking at agencies for the climb up the active volcano nearby. When Sebastian told me back in Santiago that you could climb the volcano, and then ski down - well, that's the deciding factor for me to wander further south into the Lake Districts!! Unfortunately I had not thought about the need to carry the skiis up in the first place, and I was rather put off by the reality of lugging 12kg up a five or six hours climb. The typical way of coming down again was on-the-butt, which sounded pretty fun nonetheless, so I was happy.

Whilst enquiring at an agency, Jeremy was about to sign up with them. It was quite comical watching the transaction, with Jermey's limited Spanish, and the agent's limited English. The guide sounded quite nice (a guide who sings!), and I was tempted to just go with them. Jeremy and his girlfriend Tessa were bringing their snowboards up, so I would have company coming down as well - if I still wanted to ski down. They were both staying in my hostel, and we ended up going for lunch together. Found out that they were both on their way back to New Zealand, after three years of working in London. They'll be flying out in a couple of weeks, but wanted to fit in some more snowboarding beforehand.

But I ended up signing up with Aguaventura, on the grounds that the shop was more presentable (flashier and shiner) and the young staff were actually enthusiastic about making the sale. Wasn't too keen at first that there would be four other French people (who would I talk to then??), but Philip - the half English, half French salesman told me there would also be four English people. So that's ok then!! Once I signed up, they got me to try on the boots, jackets and overtrousers to make sure they fit. Hmm, wasn't hoping that they would rent us the nicer blue outfit though... Oh well, nevermind!

In the evening, had to make a trip to the local supermarket to stock up on some lunch. Though I had a clear idea of what I wanted to get, the basket inevitably filled up quickly with other snacks... Well, would just have to eat through them pretty quickly!! hehe

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