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Merry Christmas Eve

Well, after telling me they were going to move Bob at 10:30, they finally got him into the ambulance at 2:30 this afternoon! They told me they just discovered an ulcer on the back of his head, so he will have a “wound” specialist for that. Doesn’t anyone practice general medicine any more??? The transport people were really nice and knowledgeable. I came back to the RV to take care of Weebles as it was going to be an hour before he was settled in the new place. He sure hates being alone – used to being with his daddy all day  Went up to the new place (after getting a bit lost and coming in the back way) and they were just getting him connected back up to stuff and doing an assessment. Had to answer a bunch of questions for the Charge Nurse, Dave. He and the other male nurse, forget his name, were very friendly. Bob fell sound asleep and we had to wake him to take his temperature, and his food was there so I fed him a little bit. Didn’t eat too much, but he did eat his chocolate pudding! Then he fell back asleep. Dixie and Biscuit stopped by to see him but he was sleeping. Ben called about 6:15 to tell me they’d pick me up in front of the hospital to go to a party at Luis’s house (a guy who works for Ben). Since I came in a back road I thought I also came in a back entrance so was confusing everyone trying to give me directions to the front entrance. Come to find out it was actually the front that I came in, so ended up waiting outside a side door, but Ben finally found me. I do sooooo much better with directions when it’s Bob I’m telling where to go! So Ben, Melissa, I and the 5 younger ones (Ben’s son Buddy is home for Christmas) all headed to Luis’s house. Beautiful place – stone floor and fireplace, food all over the place (mostly Mexican) and some unspiked (I hope) punch. Stayed for about an hour and the brought me back to my car and I sailed home in the dark. I think I may go to stay at their house after Buddy goes back to Phoenix. Still a little leery about how Weebles will handle all the children so I’m taking him with me over there for Christmas dinner to see how he does. It would be a lot closer for me. Well, everyone – have a happy Christmas Eve …

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