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Vern hangs (pretty crooked) from the top of the door.

Jonathan walks up the wall while he leans away from it.

Jonathan, Conner and Kelby stand on the ledge and lean forward without...

Jonathan and Deb in the Mystery Spot

Leaning on the ledge.

We went to the pier and watched the sea lions swim below...

Jonathan with the amusement park in the background.

One of the seagulls landed on the railing. This type was particularly...

We watch the sea lions swim below the pier.

This one came in while the tide was high and found a...

We thought these were seals or perhaps younger sea lions. They traveled...

This seal would dive and jump, dive and jump until he finally...

Jonathan's cake theme came from the name the boys chose for their...

The Evans came over to celebrate with us.

Jonathan blew out his candles after going through the "spanking machine" and...

The Evans gave Jonathan a chain with a shark tooth on it...

Ready, aim, fire! Jonathan enjoys target practice with his new gun.

Kelby, Conner and Jonathan. The Courageous Saber Tigers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009.

San Benito Thousand Trails

The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz Pier, Jonathan's Birthday Party

Today was a busy one! We drove to a place called the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. The tour guide demonstrated all kinds of cool things. We had a lot of fun! Check it out at

We drove to the pier in Santa Cruz to have lunch and watch the sea lions and seals. The tide was down a bit and some of the sea lions had found resting places up on the horizontal supports of the pier and were taking naps. One of them was particularly persisitent though. It looked like the water was too low for him to be able to get up there but he kept diving and jumping, diving and jumping and finally he landed on one of the supports and layed down. He probably stayed there for the rest of the afternoon and took a nap.

When we got home, we all gathered at our RV and threw a birthday party for Jonathan. We gave him birthday spankings, had birthday cake and opened presents. It was really a nice evening. It was so nice to be able to celebrate with friends too. His birthday isn't actually until tomorrow but the Evans have to pull out tomorrow so we thought we would have the celebration tonight.

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