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Sorry I didn’t have the umppph to write last night. Bob has taken a little backslide. He had aspirated into his lungs during the night (Friday night) and when I got there they were putting a tube down his nose/throat into his stomach so they could give him medicine (which he was fighting all the way). Then they took several xrays, so I spent the majority of time out in the waiting room. He was very incoherent, and after all the messing around with him he pretty much just slept. I went back to the RV to pick up Weebles and then stopped on the way back but he was still sleeping. Went to Ben’s for Christmas dinner and played with the kids. Weebles didn’t do the best at their house – he didn’t get along too well with Percy and hated being outside. Brought him in and he stuck like glue to me, and growled when little Diana wanted to hug him. I don’t know how he’d do if I weren’t there. Stopped back at the hospital on my way home and he was laying cockeyed in the bed, very uncomfortable position. I got the nurse to come in and move him. His blood pressure was 183/? (didn’t notice that #). The nurse said they are giving him all that they can to get it down. Tried calling up this morning but just got an answering machine for the HR Dept so I’m going to head on up there. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

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