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Finding a new place for Iris to work in Argentina!

On the lake shore at Bariloche...

...and a little later on

Bariloche calls itself the "Peak of Patagonia", mainly because it is such a touristy place. There are loads of outdoorsy stuff to do, and I wondered whether three days or so would be enough to try out some world class rivers for rafting or kayaking, skiing in Cerro Cathedral, going on some excursions on the lake - either on a boat towards Chile (again!), or seeing some black glaciers. Oh, not to mention stuffing face with lots of chocolate!

As it turned out, I arrived on a national holiday weekend - October 12 was Columbus Day. It's actually celebrated all through Latin America, though celebrating isn't really the right word to use, since people use it as more of a long weekend. So not really many parties in particular there! However the travel agencies were opened at erratic hours instead, and I couldn't get confirmation on whether I could go on a tour to see the Black Glaciers in the national park nearby. So my first couple of days there were pretty lazy, not really doing very much. Mainly because lacking motivation! Instead took some walks around the town, and parking my bum on a nice grassy slope to soak up some sun by the lake.

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