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story of Columbus, NM

remains of the headquarters of Camp Furlong in Pancho Villa SP

the visitor center for the park

the train station is now a museum

the whole park can be seen from this small hill - by...


big display room shows replicas, but also actual Dodge with bullet holes...


this is in the middle of the cg

How about that?

found out about this in visitor center of the SP

tree is on property of house for sale by owner!

I wonder if that plane is a weather vane!

It's part of a private airport!

Today felt a bit warmer and wasn't as windy as yesterday, so I ventured south to see Pancho Villa State Park after visiting a small pedestrian park in Deming. I needed to get out and walk after spending so much time at the computer going through pictures of the trip to Mexico!

On March 9, 1916, Pancho Villa raided the town of Columbus in the wee hours of the morning. A hotel was burned, houses were looted, and there was a lot of shooting. Once the army woke up and got guns from a locked arsenal, they started defending the town and the guerillas retreated. President Woodrow Wilson ordered General John Pershing to go after him on a punitive expedition. Because of the mountainous terrain and other factors, this was the first time airplanes were used in war efforts and also the first time cars were used to transport military officials. But Pancho Villa wasn't found after almost a year of searching. Shortly thereafter, Pershing would be deployed in Europe in WW1. George Patton was a young officer involved in this expedition as the start of his military career.

The park is very small but there is a campground with water and electric and a dump station within it. I was surprised to see that ruins of Camp Furlong were inside the campground!

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