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Today was a sea day, so we were not too early in getting up. We had breakfast in the Neptune Lounge which was a bit disappointing compared to our experience of this facility on previous cruises. There was no large table to eat at, only coffee tables and the selection of food for breakfast was very limited.

We returned to our room and then had a walk around. Christine then did some laundry and we sat out side. It was warm when the sun was out, but cool when it hid behind the clouds. We went up to the Lido deck for lunch then went along to the Lincoln Centre Stage where a string quintet was playing - two violins, a viola, and cello and a piano. They played pieces from the performances that they will be doing throughout the cruise. They were very good, but unfortunately their main performance will be when we are having dinner.

We returned to the room and sat on the veranda for a while then went to the main showroom where there was a presentation on turtles and treasure hunters. It was very interesting.

We again returned to the room and read till it was time to go for dinner. We went to the same place as last night and had another good dinner. We went along and just caught the tail end of the string quintet's performance. We walked round the ship on the outside then returned to or room and settled in to read and catch up with the journal.

Tomorrow is another sea day and we have a lunch with the captain and crew.

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