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Driving along the Pacific coast.

The welcome sign greets us.

The rocks on the beach are huge.You can see the people on...

Crossing the Rogue River.

The Welcome sign at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

Jonathan stands on the bluff overlooking the Pacific.

Tom and Jonathan run ahead down the road to the lighthouse to...

A beautiful view.


Jonathan and Deb with the hillside behind them.

Tom and Jonathan.

The tools in the lighthouse included the cans and funnels they used...

Looking out the window of the lighthouse from the top.

We can see the point and some of the rocks off the...

Looking down on the roof of the building that had the display...

A picture of the lens and bulb.

The three of us with the gentleman that did the presentation up...

Jonathan heads back down the stairs. There were a lot of them!

A view of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse from outside.

Tom and Jonathan are getting things ready for our picnic. I just...


We were allowed to stay there after all the staff left because...

Heading back to the RV. It was getting cold so we decided...

Who do you think will win this "push and shove" game?

I think Dad's getting the best of Jonathan right now.

We catch our last glimpse of the lighthouse out the RV door...

This plant was in bloom everywhere!

The pillars on the bridge are interesting.

Coos Bay Bridge.

Sunday, April 19, 2009.

Whaler's Rest Leisure Time Resort, South Beach, OR

California to Oregon with a Light House Stop in Between

Tom worked until 4:00 this morning so we slept until he was ready to get up. I'm sure he would have liked to have slept even later too. We drove from Klamath up to Cape Blanco Light House today. We didn't drive all the way up the lighthouse drive because we weren't sure if there would be room to turn the rig around so we walked the last bit. It was good exercise and gets the wiggles out after you've been on the road for a while.

When we arrived at 3:15, they told us the tours usually end at 3:00. Whoops! Fortunately they were feeling generous today and let us take the tour anyway. We think it might have been because they saw us walk all the way from the road into the lighthouse. Anyway, the tour was great.

The first person gave us the history of the family who were the keepers of the lighthouse. The second person presented information on how the lighthouse was staffed and run in terms of people and the supplies. The third person was actually up in the lighthouse. This person brought us up in the lighthouse and explained and demonstrated how the lens of the light worked, how it was cleaned and how it was made. It was very interesting.

We had brought our picnic lunch with us so by the time the tour was over the staff was leaving but because we had walked in instead of driving a vehicle, we were allowed to stay and picnic on the grounds until we were ready to leave and walk out. When we were done, we walked back to the RV, jumped in and hit the road again. We decided not to make anymore stops because we still had a ways to go but the drive along U.S. 101 was just beautiful.

We got into the campground around 8:15. The ranger suggested a campsite but it didn't work for the satellite so we ended up driving around in the Yukon for a little while looking for a different one that would work. We found one right between two other RVs and we were going to have to back it in in the dark. We've done that many times but I'm not sure our new neighbors were as confident as we were.

As I was at the back of the RV directing Tom I had offers for flashlights so I could see better while another neighbor offered to turn their porch light on. One neighbor offered to move his truck (so it wouldn't get hit). The other neighbor offered his walkie talkies (which we have but don't use because we've found they just confuse things for us while I'm trying to back Tom into a site). It was really kind of comical. I told Tom about all the offers I'd received when I stepped into the rig and we just had to chuckle. Glad we're going to be here for a week though.

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