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The bus ride from Puerto Madryn to Buenos Aires surpasses the previous one to be my longest so far, and also the most comfortable. Thought it would be worth it to splash out a bit more for a cama bus for the sixteen hours journey. Well, the chairs were huge, loads of room. The tellies were also flat screens too!! Wow! The bus also included a good looking attendent who served everything with a smile - and even got me veggie food. Overheard the conversation that there was a veggie option during a pit stop, and ran downstairs to ask for one more. I didn't realise when booking the ticket that it was possible! Was told that there was only one, and there were two other veggies onboard - so was pretty pleased that we were given salad, rice, sweets and then a hot Spanish omlette as well! Very nice! :D

To make the journey more entertaining for us, they played us movies and even a game of bingo. My bus buddy Carlos was pretty close to winning the bottle of red wine - but for me, I knew I had no such luck. Well, you know what they say: "Lucky in cards, unlucky in love", though can't claim much success in the latter department neither!

Have to say, would not be very used to flying economic class again on the plane now that I am spoilt by the pampering of Argentine buses!!! ;)

Anyways, now I am in La Capital - BUENOS AIRES!! A little late, but am very happy so far! The road into the bus terminal reminded me of the A40 from west England (e.g. my uni town Bath) going into London. Some of the slightly tattered yet proud buildings, too were not far off from their London counterparts. The area near my hostel has the same atmosphere of Euston. And this is supposed to be the "Paris of South America"? Well, will see over the next few days...

Am very excited, as will shortly be meeting up with my old friends Yasmin and Flor. I am sure you remember them appearing in the various entries of my journal, hence requiring no more introductions. Am also in town in time for the BIG football match between the two rivalry clubs of Buenos Aires - Rivas and Bocos tomorrow. Even better, had the foresight to make friends with a PorteƱo (people who live in Buenos Aires) back in the pura vida days of Costa Rica. Luis had managed to get me some tickets to see the match - which is also my first live football game ever!!

More from me later! :D

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