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Leaving Newport, we passed the LaQuinta where Lalleys stayed and we swam...

Newport harbor as we pass over the bridge.

A picture of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the ship out front....

Scenic driving along the coast.


Heading through a tunnel in the mountain.

The town of Astoria sits behind the bridge as we get ready...

It's hard to believe we will be up there in a minute...

We're getting closer.

Here we go!

Going over the Columbia River into Washington.

The bridge seems to stretch on forever.

We reach the other side and see the sign for the Lewis...

Looking back at the bridge we just came across. It's coming up...

We're officially welomed to the state of Washington. Like Oregon, this is...

Cape Disappointment.

We arrive at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. We walked around...

Looking out over the Pacific from Cape Disappointment.

The lighthouse at Cape Disappointment.




Driving on towards our campground for the evening.

Forestry in the area left acres and acres of land looking like...

More forestry.

Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Ocean Mist Campground, Ocean City, Washington

Lewis and Clark and Cape Disappointment

We left Whaler's Rest this morning. It was a cloudy day but it wasn't raining so it seemed like it would be a good day for driving. We headed north up Route 1. We passed Tillamook Cheese Factory so I managed to get a couple of shots of the outside since I missed those shots yesterday with the rain.

We continued up the coast just enjoying the scenery. When we got to the Columbia River, the bridge we crossed was huge. Looking at it from far away made a person wonder whether or not you could really drive across it because it was so high up in the air. We just kept driving of course and before long we were up on top and coming down on the low part of the bridge crossing over into Washington.

I was pretty excited because Oregon and Washington were two states I had never been in before so this was making history for me. Jonathan thought it was pretty cool too. The sign "Welcome to Washington" was on the other side to greet us.

We were running a little later than we would have liked so we wanted to get to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center as soon as we could. When we got there we pulled the RV up in the parking lot to see if there would be enough room to park. If the lot had had fewer vehicles in it we might have been OK but with the number of vehicles there were we decided to drive back down to the little store and ask if we could park there.

We walked up to the Interpretive Center and walked around the outside for a little while then figured we'd better get inside and see as much of that as we could while it was still open. They had some great exhibits. The thing I liked best from a teaching and parenting standpoint was how they used Lewis and Clark's journaling throughout the center in the displays. We've really been working on writing and journaling lately and it drove home how writing can be so important no matter what you do in life. Even if you are an explorer! There were some hands on activities too.

We didn't walk out to the lighthouse but probably only because we had seen so many lighthouses lately. It was late and we were ready to head for our campground.

When we arrived at the campground, they assigned us a site. When we pulled around to that site someone's vehicle was in it. We went and knocked on the door of the RV who owned the truck and a guy came out and told us how they probably wouldn't care what site we parked in and how he wouldn't mind moving his truck but they wouldn't care if we took the site next to it. We were too tired to argue so we just pulled in the one next to it and will deal with it tomorrow morning.

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