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Thursday 12/30/10 Another day of no real progress. Got to hospital at 10, and no one came into Bob’s room until 11:30. When I had first got there he said “Did you read your obituary?” I said no, and he said “Well you’d better read your obituary, you got shot and killed last night”. He was very angry because I hadn’t read it; kept telling me I was dead. Had 10:30 and 2:30 written on board so I thought it meant he would get into his chair twice today, but the nurse didn’t know anything about it; said he would have to talk to PT person (had never worked with Bob before). I went out about noon and sat in the car for a bit as it gets very depressing listening to him ramble and know that he isn’t in the “present”. They did finally get him up in chair about 3:00 and then said he could eat in the chair, but they came in while Dixie and Biscuit were there (about 4:45) and put him back in bed. By then he was exhausted and fell asleep and I had to keep trying to wake him up to eat. Ate very little. Dixie had to leave so very short visit for him. I then went back to Ben’s as he was sleeping.

Friday 12/31/10 When I got there he said “You sure look nice” (just noticed my 2-day-old haircut I guess). He wanted me to give him a kiss, and then wanted to give me another one! Asked me if I'd sit next to him on the bed .... Seemed quite alert, but then went back downhill. Aide said he’d had a good breakfast, double eggs. He didn’t eat much for lunch (fish, potatoes). While I had gone out of the room to go to the restroom he got himself situated crosswise in the bed so I had to call for someone to straighten him back out. He said we were only 25 miles from the Oprah show so we should keep driving, etc. Started to get a little “testy” about 4:30 or so – so I went on home. Ben and Melissa and kids out for a party so I just played euchre on the computer. Will take a trip down to the RV tomorrow to turn up the heat (17 tomorrow night) and pick up some more clothes and books. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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