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Saturday 1/1/11 – Happy New Year This year HAS to be better than last year! Ben and Melissa and the kids took off for Lubbock today to visit the IMAX and Museum. I headed up to the hospital. Bob was NOT his cheery self today. He kept trying to tell me he has to stay there 6 more months. Couldn’t convince him otherwise. His tray was sitting there as he had told the nurse earlier that he didn’t want to eat, but I did get him to eat all of his egg and a few bites of other stuff. He started dozing off then so I went on down to the RV to pick up some stuff and turn the furnace on in the back bedroom. Meant to pick up Bob’s cell phone charger but I forgot it, so will get it tomorrow when I go down to turn the furnace back off. I brought the stuff back to Ben’s and then headed back to the hospital. The nurse said he had gotten both legs dangled over the side of the bed and was crosswise with his head on a pillow against the rails. Said he was comfortable, but I’m sure he was just trying to get out of bed and leave! I did get him to eat a little lunch. He started getting very grumpy with me again so I left. No sense sitting there and letting him get his blood pressure up… I came back to Ben’s and walked the dog for about 20 minutes and tried to relax as my blood sugar is way up. Then back to the hospital, but he was still in a bad mood with me so I left again. Hope someone feeds him! Maybe tomorrow will be better. I’m sure he doesn’t mean to be grumpy but is just frustrated and I’m fair game!!! And maybe that means he is more in the "now".

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