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Outside the park: "Don't abandon your pet"

Where are the taxi drivers? Enjoying a maté of course!

Oh please! Let's have a go on the peddle boat!

Marco much prefer rowing the harder way

Never made it to the bridge, but a pretty sight all the...

The night's events had to be pieced back together from what the other people told me. My dorm mate said that I woke her up a little, when I came in at four thirty, and that although obviously very drunk, I managed to climb up to my bed all by myself. The next morning, she had to check if I was still breathing, cos I stayed so still all night... Marco told me that one of the Israeli girls (whom he was hitting on that night - but turned out to be a bisexual. Her girlfriend was also present that night, and wasn't very pleased) had to help me up... Don't know if I had gone to the club or not. Don't know when I decided to leave. Don't know how I made my way back to bed. Only that had a very bad headache the next morning.

Having got an extension for a late check out, and really stretching my last pesos, went for a buffet lunch with Marco. He was quite impressed with the amount I managed to tuck in. But hey, have to make the most of all you can eats, when the opportunity arises!! Time was slipping really quickly away, and only had just about enough to walk in the park nearby. There we stumbled upon a lake with some rowing boats and paddle boats. Thought it would be nice to paddle - the easier option, plus would be able to lean back and enjoy the sun. Marco, being a macho Italian wanted to boat the real way, rowing by hand. So I still managed to lie back and enjoy the sun anyway. It would have been much more pleasant if he hadn't kept hitting on me. He didn't believe me when I told him I was a lesbian though, nor that I was seeing someone.

Was very sad that I had only enough pesos to buy one bottle of red wine as souvenir. The rest would have to be paid for by card at the airport! Then quickly stuffed my cleanly washed clothes into my backpack, and some quick goodbyes... then my taxi arrived to take me to the airport...

Probably cos I was still pretty hungover, but didn't feel as emotional as I had expected. Despite having got my shopping done, wished that we could board the plane earlier, so I could curl up and go to sleep. Did stare out the window as the plane took off, trying to work out which part of Buenos Aires we were flying over. Was very impressed by the sheer size of the city. Even when flying more than half way across Uruguay (the smallest country in South America) could still make out the glow of the millions of lights in Buenos Aires.

The flight this time round was a lot better than the outward journey to Guatemala. Had more space by the emergency exit. The girl assigned next to me buggered off to the vacant middle seats, so we all had much more space. Was very quiet again on this flight, although would have been able to converse with the Argentine girl, but was far too hungover to strike up any conversations. She also seemed to be too tired as well. Didn't end up watching any of the films (did they even bother showing any??), as had slept through most of the eleven hours flight...

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