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Got to the hospital and Bob had taken off his gown, pulled out his cords and was trying to get out of bed. He’d even gotten his bracelets off his arm and his long IV cord out of his arm. I got him situated back into bed and he fell asleep. No one came in for over an hour, and then it was to take his vitals. They gave him his oxygen treatment and got him situated. They did have him put the oxygen back in his nose for about an hour, but said he was doing pretty well without the IV input as long as he starts eating good. He did eat some of his lunch. Ben stopped by to visit with him. Then the speech lady (Katie) came in and assessed him, asking him things like his address, what day it was, who the President is, counting/adding/subtracting. When he didn’t know the answer he would change the subject and start telling a story! Then they came in to sit him up in the chair; I slipped out for awhile and got a sandwich and took a short walk. When I got back he kept saying he wanted to lay flat on the floor. (When he’s in bed he wants to sit up and when he’s sitting up he wants to lay down – but I think that’s “normal”! After awhile they did put him back into bed and he klunked out, so I left for the day. Came home and walked Weebles for awhile. Ben, Melissa, the boys and some other boy scouts took a “tour” of the greenhouse tonight, so I watched Dianna for about an hour. Helps take my mind off things, but she does take some entertaining! Getting in practice for Rain when I get back… Ben found some stuff online about POCD (post operative cognizant disorder ?) that sounds something like Bob is experiencing. We’ll ask the doctor about it when we see him tomorrow night.

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