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Royal Gorge Bridge

Looking down at Arkansas River and railroad tracks

Aerial Tram across the Gorge

View from Aerial Tram

Incline Railway from the bottom of gorge

Looking at the bridge from bottom of gorge

Royal Gorge Route Train

Vista Dome Cars

Inside Vista Dome Cars

Train in Royal Gorge - with rafters

Train returning to Canon City

Formations in Red Canyon Park

Rocks and road in Red Canyon Park

Red Canyon Park

Thursday, May 7, we drove east on Hwy 160, up and then down through a mountain range to I-25. We drove north on I-25 to Pueblo and then west of Pueblo to Canon City, CO. About 8 miles west of Canon City is the Royal Gorge. We have been to Royal Gorge before but it was many years ago. Carol and I can’t remember when it was, but it was the same year we had the Roberts’ get-to-gather in Dillon Colorado. It is much like it was before but now they charge one price ($24 or $21 Seniors) and it includes everything but their new Sky Coaster. The Sky Coaster is sort of like a sling between two poles and they pull you back and then let you swing out over the edge of the gorge. That is for the young at heart. What is included in the price is: walk or drive the suspension bridge, Aerial Tram, Incline railway, antique carousel, miniature train ride, small zoo, a petting zoo, movie of building the bridge and a jump-on-jump-off trolley ride around the park. The trolley travels across the bridge and saves a lot of walking. I rode the aerial tram twice and the incline railway once but Carol and I rode the trolley, but she only took a quick glance down when we crossed the bridge. You are 1053 feet above the Arkansas River when you cross the suspension bridge. The miniature train has a 24-inch wide track and was built by Chance Mfg. in Wichita, KS. We left the park by mid-afternoon and drove into Canon City for an early dinner.

Saturday, we drove back into Canon City to ride the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. We paid the extra to ride in the Vista Dome car. It turns out this car came from the Alaska Railroad and was just like the car we rode when we were riding the Alaska Railroad a few years ago. Back to Canon City. We ordered lunch on the train and had it eaten by the time we got out of Canon City, the train moves at a very slow speed. It was a great “vista” view of the Royal Gorge and the suspension bridge. The train goes down to Parkdale and then the engineer walks down to the engine that is at the end of the train and we return to Canon City in the opposite direction. The total trip was about two hours long.

Carol and I then drove about 10 miles north of Canon City to visit Red Canyon Park. It was a hilly, curvy, dirt road through some interesting red rock formations. At the end of the road was the canyon but we drove and drove and I thought it would never end so we turned around and went back to our home on wheels. Sunday we are driving to Colorado Springs.

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