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Driving the bridge across Puget Sound.

Puget Sound.

People were out in their boats. People were canoeing in amongst the...

The marinas below the overpass.

Our first glimpse of the Space Needle, Science Fiction Museum & Experience...

The Space Needle.

Jonathan and Tom in front of the entrance to the Science Fiction...


We ride up in the elevator of the Space Needle.

Jonathan looks at the boats on Puget Sound through the telescope.

Can YOU find the Yukon in the parking lot? Hint: Tom likes...

The top of the Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum.

Seattle's Skyline.

Mount Olympus with it's top covered in clouds.

The courtyard of the Pacific Science Center. Jonathan wants to go there...

A view of the piers from the Space Needle.

A cruise ship getting ready to leave.

Jonathan and Deb with Puget Sound in the background.

Tom catches us eating our cookies and is teasing us!

Two other cruise ships leave the sound. I find myself wondering if...

Jonathan has fun with one of the sculptures out in front of...



Jonathan at the bottom of the Space Needle.


Tom catches Deb on the ferris wheel.

The guys are having fun too.

A shot from above. Tom told Jonathan that he remembers coming here...

Another perspective on The Experience Music Project.

Jonathan JUMPS!

Cool shot. Cool kid!



A statue of Chief Seattle in a local park.

Chief Seattle with the Space Needle in the background.

Pike Place Market

Downtown Seattle.

A picture of us at Olive Garden after going out for a...

Sunday, May 10, 2009.

Thunderbird Thousand Trails, Monroe, Washington

Mother's Day - Seattle Space Needle

When I got up this morning, Tom was making omelets for breakfast and Jonathan had made me a Mother's Day card. We had decided to go into Seattle for the day and just enjoy the Space Needle and the area around it then go out for dinner later in the afternoon. Tom had to work last night so we had wanted to sleep in this morning but I guess I still slept later than anyone. I've been doing that a lot lately. I stay up late and work on the website while it's quiet then sleep later in the morning.

I called my mom's house expecting her to answer but one of my sisters answered instead. It caught me off guard for a second but she's a mom too so “Happy Mother's Day!” I got to talk to Donna, Diane and Mom so that was nice. My brother-in-law outdid himself and took good care of the mom's back home. He made them a nice brunch salad and grilled for them. Really did it up nice from what I understand so kudos to you Chuck!

We had a wonderful breakfast then got ready. It took about forty five minutes to an hour to drive into downtown Seattle. The drive was pretty and not too crazy so that was nice. The bridge across Puget Sound was neat to drive across and seeing all the boats was fun too.

There seemed to be a lot of construction going on. There were several cranes in the area. We found parking in the lot of a law office. It was less expensive than anything else in the area would have been so we felt Somebody was watching out for us. There was a group of Native Americans playing music at the base of the Space Needle that really added to the atmosphere down there. The Pacific Science Center was there along with the Science Fiction/Music Museum. The architecture of that building alone was interesting enough.

We purchased our tickets for the Space Needle and went on up. We walked around the outside and just viewed it from every angle looking at Mt. Rainier, Mt. Olympus, the city and Puget Sound. All of it was just beautiful. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy that day so we couldn't see the top of the mountains but they were still pretty. Once we had made our way around, we had a little snack because it was still going to be a while before we went to dinner. We read the history of the Space Needle and how it was built for the 1962 World's Fair.

When we came down, we rode the ferris wheel then walked around the grounds for a while. We drove downtown to see Pike's Place Market but they were closing up for the day so we just drove by. We got a shot of the sign then drove back towards Monroe to find an Olive Garden for dinner.

Dinner was great. Tom and I ordered their soup instead of salad and then pasta for dinner. Jonathan is a Macaroni and cheese connoisseur We enjoyed it a lot. We drove back to Monroe with a quick stop for a gallon of milk along the way and called it a day. Tom will have to work tomorrow. Jonathan and I will focus a lot on school this week since things will be so busy once we start driving toward Alaska.

More pictures will be added.

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