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Wednesday 1/5/10 Got my fanny chewed out this morning because Bob had spent over an hour talking to me and Ben last night and we wouldn’t answer him (we weren’t there…). He knew where he was for just a second, two times. The speech therapist got him to eat most of his breakfast, but he wasn’t doing too good answering her questions. Whenever he doesn’t know the answer he changes the subject! They took him down for a CT scan but don’t know if it will be good as he wouldn’t lay still. I went out to lunch (Cracker Barrel) with Ben. Bob had eaten quite a bit of lunch, but was mad because he thought Ben and I were going to eat in his room with him. He was pleading with me today to get him out of there. Had to end up leaving the room. I went and picked up a chocolate shake for him, and he drank all of it. The appetizer med must have worked! In the afternoon the PT (Omar) got him sitting on the side of the bed, and then standing on a swivel thing and put him in a wheelchair. The took him down to the PT room and stood him up between 2 bars for about 10 seconds, and then to stand up with a walker but he was pretty shake so sat right back down. They’ll try again tomorrow. I pushed him around the hallway for a little bit in a wheelchair, and then down to the front lobby on the 1st floor so he could see outside. We called Judy and Steve and he talked to them for a few minutes. Then wanted to call “Don” but I couldn’t figure out who that was. Took him back to his room and they got him into bed and I left as it was after 5 and he had fallen asleep. Being out of bed really exhausts him but I think he enjoyed it.

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