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Tom and Jonathan arrive at Lowe's parking lot where Deb has staked...

Here they are!

We're hooked up and ready to hit the road for the day....

Some of the scenery.

Cows graze with the mountains in the background. Sure don't see that...

A goldminer on the top of a building as we pass through...

Approaching the Customs Station.

Our first glimpses of British Columiba.

More mountainous scenery.

This home caught my eye as we drove by. It looked like...

One of the chainsaw carvings in Hope, B.C.

Voyagers Jonathan and Deb canoe down the river!

Now it's Tom and Deb paddling! Where did Jonathan go?

It's Rambo!

And Rambo's NOT HAPPY!

The flags flying out in front of the Visitor's Center. Now we...

One of IBM's "earlier model" copiers.

A side view of the whole machine up on the shelf.

Tom and Jonathan viewing the slide location.

This picture was taken from the parking lot of where the slide...

A view of where the mountain slide took place.

A little closer look.

The area where you see all the rubble, there used to be...

Jonathan is balancing on a rock and checking the area out.

Crossing the Fraser River.

Approaching one of several tunnels that run in the Fraser Canyon.

Coming out the other end. You can see the canyon walls and...

One of the trains is running through the canyon as we drive...

We arrive at Hell's Gate.

The front of the building gives the name of the location along...

One of the trams is coming up from the canyon. We'll be...

Our RV is parked in the upper lot. They told us we...

Jonathan gets those arms pumping and races to the bottom of the...

A shot into the canyon from above. The spring flowers are blooming.

Saturday, May 16 2009.

Hell's Gate, Boston Bar, British Columbia, Cananda

Departing Monroe, Going Beyond Hope and Arriving at Hell's Gate!

We all got an early breakfast this morning. Tom and Jonathan worked on getting the RV ready while I ran into town to check the post office one more time to see if the package we were expecting had made it yet. We had decided to meet at Lowe's when we were done. The package hadn't arrived so I made arrangements for it to be forwarded to Dawson Creek Post Office so we will hope it makes it there before we do and it will be waiting for us when we arrive.

Tom and Jonathan rolled into the Lowe's parking lot about ten minutes after I did. I had found a row of parking spaces out of the way where we could park long enough to hook up then get on the road.

The first stop today was Customs up in a town called Sumas, Washington. We had our passports, insurance and other papers all in order so we were ready. The Customs Officer asked Tom a few questions then sent us on our way so it went very quickly.

We drove on to a small town called Hope. Hope is known for a few things. It was the film location for the movie First Blood where the name Rambo became a household word. It's also known as the Chainsaw Sculpture Capital of British Columbia. We stopped at the Visitor Center to see the museum and take a few pictures. We found out a little more about the slide that had taken place back in the 1960's and decided to go see the site where that happened. The lake that was once there is now gone and the highway has been rebuilt to go around the site.

Next, it was on to Hell's Gate. We had read about this place in one of our books. It sounded like a neat thing to see but like a bit of a tourist trap too so we were a bit skeptical but after checking it out we decided to go ahead and visit. We arrived about ten minutes before they closed though but they were kind enough to let us park the rig in the upper lot for the night once we had purchased our tickets. We will go ride the sky trams and see what it's all about in the sunshine of the earlier part of the day tomorrow.

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