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Not such a good day today. He got moved twice today and ended up in a room at the end of the hallway. Apparently they needed the original room, and then he was hollering for me quite a bit this morning in his "not very quiet" voice. Talked to Dave, our friend who is waiting down at Del Rio. He said quite a few people who were there 2 years ago are back and asking about us. I told him he'd better not count on seeing us this year, maybe next year. He ate a good lunch while visiting with Ben. When it came time for therapy at 3:30 he got stubborn and didn't want to do it. They did get him into the wheelchair but he refused to leave the room, so they just left him in the chair until 5:30. After they put him back to bed I fed him supper and then headed back to Ben's. I'll be moving back to the RV tomorrow for a week while Ben and Melissa are on vacation. It will feel good to be back "home" for awhile.

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