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Mr. Sunseeker, parked against the mangrove keys at the Sugarloaf KOA.

Santa Claus coming in to the beach on the 24th!

A one-time sighting - a frigate bird, with it's 7 foot wing...

Malcolm and I had done our bits of Christmas shopping before we left the Cape Canaveral area (our last night there was at a WalMart, of course), so when we got to the Keys we could start doing some relaxing. We made sure all of our outside lights were up, including our patio lanterns, and set up our little tree between the two front seats. We did a bit of cleaning out, and relaxed for most of the 24th, We did go over to the little beach nearby to watch Santa Claus come in on a boat for the little children in the campsite! Our next door neighbours were horse people from Kelowna taking a break from their competition circuit, and the two RVs after that were from Ontario, so we felt like we were in the Canadian section. It was a very crowded campsite, not really our type, but it was fun because many of the units had Christmas lights up in different ways, so we got to go on a Christmas light tour of a different type! We watched White Christmas at night after all our work was done on the 24th, and had a relaxing day on the 25th as well. I did cook a traditional Christmas dinner, but we didn't stay up too late afterwards. On the 26th I did do some laundry, but otherwise we took it easy again.

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