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You have found your way to the 2007 section of our website. This year was a year of transition for us as we began to look for a place to go ashore for a spell. The earlier companion website covers our travels in 2004, 2005 and 2006. On 9 February we crossed the gulf stream for our third winter in the Bahamas. This year we reached the Acklins before returning on 28 March after an 11 day wait at Lucaya for good crossing weather. We spent three weeks in Jax and moved on 19 April up the ICW. Arrival in the Chesapeake occured on 1 May when the official hurricane season changes and our insurance rates drop.

We will take a long term slip at the Patuxent River Marina and spend the season in the Chesapeake. Ths keeps us close to Arlington, Virginia where new grandbabies are due and at the same time follow the progress on our condo that is completing across the river at Oyster Bay in Solomons. For our activities after we establish this land-home, you may refer to the following website. website