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Plan B, Mexico + Motorcycle = ?

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For those who have been following Bill and Janine's travels here on their trip journal.

As you see, the last journal entry Bill made was on February 18, 2010 – Currently - Traveling in Distrito Federal, Mexico .

Bill was in Veracruz. On Monday, February 22, 2010, he made his way from Veracruz and was traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico. He had talked that morning with his Father, Bill Atchison Sr., and was looking forward to taking a rented-car trip for two weeks with Bill Sr., who was expected to arrive later in the week in Oaxaca (February 26, 2010). He had said to Bill Sr., “Well I guess if I have to ride enclosed in a car for a few weeks, then I’ll suck it up and do it.” Bill so loved being on the open road on his BMW, it was his passion.

Sadly, Bill Atchison was in a motorcycle road accident while on his way to Oaxaca on Federal Hwy near Cuidad Aleman (city of German) at about 3:30 pm on February 22, 2010 and died as a result of the accident. Little information of the accident is available at this time.

If you wish to send messages of condolences to the family, please email Bill's wife Janine at: (please cut and paste this email address). The family will leave this trip journal up for all to enjoy the travels that Bill Atchison took over the last few years, and some of the travels he went on with his wife, Janine. Bill will be missed by friends of BMW motorcycle clubs and by all the friends he made over the last several years while traveling on his BMW.

As you may know, Janine and I rode our motorcycle from Red Deer, Alberta to the Panama Canal and back last winter (2008-2009). We spent six months weaving our way through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize. It was simply fabulous. The details are in our journal entitled Mexico & Central America by Motorcycle 2008-2009.

Last year we turned around at Panama City; To proceed further south into South America it is necessary to ship the motorcycle by plane or boat across the Darien Gap, which is the missing piece of the Pan-American Highway into South America.

This winter, we planned on shipping the motorcycle by plane to Colombia and carrying on south, exploring South America. This was not to be.

A Sad Tale

One of the requirements to ship the motorcycle by air to Colombia was to crate it. I was just beginning to work on a crate when, on September 1st, poor Janine cut her Achilles tendon helping me move the bike off of the crate platform.

Janine had surgery the same day and the doctor assured us it should be healed well before our planned departure to Colombia on November 17. We were skeptical.

Over the next two months we continued to plan and make preparations. This type of trip is a major undertaking in logistics. We had to continue preparing if we had any chance of making it happen.

However, as time went by it was becoming more and more evident Janine’s injury would not heal quickly, even though the doctor kept assuring us it would heal in time.

On Friday November 6, just 11 days before our planned departure date, we finally got the word that in fact it could take several more weeks or even a couple of months until she would be able to travel comfortably.

After six months of intensive planning and preparations, the trip to South America was off for this year!

We had discussed this possibility at length, looking for options should our worst fears materialize. Having me sitting around hovering over her, waiting for her to heal, was not an option open for discussion in Janine’s mind. I think I had already driven her nuts doing that over the past two months.

Janine suggested I start the South American trip on my own and she could catch up once she was ready. This did not appeal to me at all. There was so much we had both wanted to see and do together.

After seeing the doctor that Friday she suggest

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