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Harvest moon over the mountains

Allen & Diana in Palomas,Mx.with Pancho Villa

Thanksgiving dinner

Dave & Chance after dinner

Happy Thanksgiving to all. You will probably get tired of seeing sunrises and sunsets, but they are so beautiful here that I just can't stop taking pictures and sharing. Anyway, Dave made it home from Mn. deer hunting and had a wonderful time with family and friends and a great hunting season. He got a 4pt. and an 8pt buck at deer camp (Long Lost Deer Hunters camp) and then got another 8 pt. at Joyce & Virge's place and hunted with his godson, and nephews and great-nephews (Joyce is his sister). He flew back here on Tuesday and we shared Thanksgiving with the group here at El Rancho Lobo. Dave deep fried a couple of the turkeys and along with the roasted turkeys, ham and all the extra goodies that everyone brought we had a feast fit for kings. I think I counted 9 different pies plus John's fudge and other desserts. It was different not being at Breezy Point with the kids and grandkids but they all called on Thanksgiving and so we shared time over the phone and enjoyed good company here. While Dave was gone, I went to Mexico with Diana and Allen and had a great lunch and got supplies for home made Kahula They gave me the recipe for. Also while Dave was gone, we got upgrades for the solar system and a new invertor for the rig, so he will be busy setting that up if the winds go down. The past couple days have been really windy and now much cooler than it was. Had 30-50mph. winds all night and all day. Now temps this am were in the 20's but it is suppossed to warm up this week-Yeah. Packing up today and heading up to Lakewood, NM tomorrow for a couple days at "The Ranch" the Escapee park there, just to check out the area and try out the gps system with the laptop for the first time. All is well here and hope with you too. More later .

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