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Looking into the park from our spot

Great boondocking spot

covy of quail behind Jack's place

Hello from "The Ranch" SKP park, our second co-op park to visit. Their claim is" the friendliest park in the system" and I believe it. Everyone has been really friendly from Ken who met us whenwe got here Tuesday night at 7pm and told us the way to boondocking sites and said "just come register in the morning" to Charlotte who answered all our questions and made sure we got name tags and an invite to happy hour to all the other residents and guests here. Wow what a trip up here. We left Deming in the afternoon because we ran into a problem with our solar charger. Dave called John Palmer, who we bought it from and he had us call factory tech. sevice, and they had Dave do all kinds of testing, I think the tech was so glad to have someone with electronic knowledge that he tried to fix it in the field. Didn't work so we sent the controller off to Oregon in Warranty to fix and they told us how to charge our batteries from solar without the unit.Takes more watching but Dave knows how and it seems to be working just fine. Oh back to where I started, we left Deming and headed to Almagordo,NM at 4125ft. from there we headed over the mountains, 16 miles and another 4500ft, we arrived at Cloudcroft,NM ( well named ) It was a fantastic trip up, and the freightliner just purred along, down to 7th gear a couple times but no problems. Beautiful country and coming down the other side to Artesia and Lakewood was just before dusk, saw lots of mule deer in the fields and along side the road, almost got one in the road. Wednesday am. awoke to nice sunshine and warmer temps, similar to Deming except no close mountains, but lots of rolling hills. This is a really great park and the best boondocking area I have seen in a park.

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