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old mine trails

I'm learning 4-wheeling

the view from the top back to our park(The 2nd. green tree...

Dave at one of the mines

Almost blooming catcus

a keyhole bridge in the mountains

almost full park

visiting after the wash jobs

Time is flying by but I just finished my online shopping and with a BIG Thank You to my brother,Larry, all will arrive in Minnesota and he will wrap for the family get together. This is the first year I have not been there, will be strange but we have phone & internet and we will be with Dave's sister,Joyce & Virge for Christmas at Rancho Sonora in Florence,AZ. We have spent time at this park for 3 years so will be good to see everyone again. Joyce & Virge arrived here in Deming on Wednesday and we will travel together to AZ next Thursday. Will seem kind of strange to leave here after 2 months but sure hope it's warmer in Az. It has been cool (darn right cold to me) at night this week but is starting to warm up now. The guys washed Virge's 5er and our truck today. Wednesday was nice, Dave and I took the 4 wheeler and went mountain climbing. Tried to find a way from here to Rockhound State park on the other side of the mountains but couldn't find a trail over except to the top where there was a fence. Found several abandoned mines, wonderful scenery and a fun 3 or 4 hours exploring the area. Hope we can get back up and find the trail over before we leave, If not will have to come back and try again. The open area of our little park is filling up now for awhile it was just 2 rigs in the open and the inner circle(in the trees) was almost full.

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