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mmmmmmmmmmmm, comfy sofas.

Why wouldn't you put a Morris Minor in a cinema??

Outside the cinema

Wierd gravity they have here in New Zealand

You wouldn't believe it took 20 mins to complete this...

The two story maze

The communal toilets prove popular

I'll just push that back in again...

That's gotta hurt...

We stopped of in the quiet town of Wanaka on the way down to Queenstown, as it sounded a great place to stop-over one night, and it would give us a break from the usual Magic Bus crowd, as everyone seemed to think Queenstown was all they wanted to see in the South Island.

We had been recomended to visit the cinema whilst we were there, so we trudged along for the evening showing, and were glad we went. They've converted the small town hall there into a cinema, by placing loads of old comfy sofas along a sloped flaw. As well as the sofas, you also have the choice of sitting in a row of Chinese airline seats (donated by a local resident who found them in her attic when she moved house) or in a fully restored Moris Minor, right there amongst the other seats. You also have the choice of having your dinner served whilst you watch the film, or you can wait for the halftime interval (yes, they stop the film mid-way through) where you can sample one of their freshly made cookies, whose aroma has been tempting you for the last hour whilst baking. I can honestly say it was the best cookie I've ever had (and that's DEFINITELY saying something!) party because it was the size of a small pizza, and party because it was littered with huge half melted chocolate chunks. Chocktastic!

The following day we visited Puzzling World, which is a huge collection of logic puzzles, optical illusions, holograms, and a huge two story outdoor maze, which takes approximately an hour to complete. We thought we'd only be there a short while, but it easily amused us for a whole morning and then some.

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