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ring around the moon

warming up at the Pit 2 Go

Dave with his rack of ribs

our first really cloudy day in 2 months

We sure have gotten busy the last few days we have here in Deming. We will be leaving for Florence,AZ and Rancho Sonora RV park with Joyce & Virge tomorrow. Sure hope we can figure out the gps tracking now as I have set up a route and we are hoping to do live tracking this trip. I wonder if we will ever figure out all the things we would like to be able to use but i guess one good thing is learning new things keeps ya going. It seems every time we think we have it all down, something new comes up. Well we got our solar controller back, really good service from John and AM solar company. Dave got it hooked back up and we now have 4 am100 solar panels so will see how that works with the 4 T105 batteries we have now. Dave has the invertor control in place but will wait til we get to AZ to hook up the new 2000w invertor. It's a little chilly here for picnics- 60's but we had one anyway, Dave BarBQued venison steaks for our NM friends- Allan & Diana and invited Bob( the asst. manager) as his wife is in Hawaii visiting grandchildren now. Dave got to try out his new "Pit 2 Go" which is a really nice fire pit that is all contained for safety and folds up for travel- Bob & Diana who we traveled to Mexico with last year had one and we really enjoyed it, so had to get one of our own . Saw a ring around the moon during our fire pit visiting and we decided it meant rain in 5 days, well more like a sprinkle in 5 hours(like 3am) When we were out 4wheeling we found this little bar & deli? called Adobe Deli about 1\4 mile or so down a gravel road out in the middle of nowhere and thought we should try it out. Well after visiting Alan & Diana yesterday we took Joyce & Virge out there for supper. WOW looks do deceive, it looks like a hole in the wall from outside and kinda dark when we went in but friendly people, great service, a big movie screen showing old black & white John Wayne & western movies and the FOOD, had great appetizers- nm chicken rolls & santa fe shrimp, The best onion soup I've ever had, Joyce & Virge had Pork chops that they said were great, each had to bring 1 home, I had a great ribeye steak(also had to bring 1\2 home, and Dave ordered pork ribs( check out the picture) They tasted as good as they look. Well I better get back to packing up and getting ready to leave. Next update will be from Arizona. Hugs & Blessing to you all.

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