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coming thru Box Canyon

Joe says" This is God showing us how good it is"

trails across the valley from up top

coming down one of the rocks

Got a little tippy for Joe-That's why we walk.

from the bottom of one rock area looking up-I walked

Views like this all around

the trail ahead- a long ways

a good part of the trail

looking back at Florence, Az

coming down another rock

wow what a view

Finally, we found the coke ovens

Karen & Joe outside a coke oven

me(Judi),Joe & Dave by the coke ovens

View out the opening in coke oven

another group we met at the coke ovens

another view from up top

coming back out

Joe & Karen loaded up

Dave & I loaded up

"Lost Hope Mine" for you Hopey

Keyholes and sunset on the mountains as we leave

International Space station fly over our site Thursday am

Hi, Time seems to get away from me down here more, maybe because it seems we are always busy. I have been going in to Florence every Monday evening to the craft store for classes, learning how to make cards doing paper embroidery, cut work, and embossing. Also learned how to make envelopes and this week we will try silk ribbon roses and flowers, then some of the girls here in the park have talked me into giving them lessons on what I learn on Wednesday mornings. Dave has his "Men's coffee group" almost every morning and he's busy doing antenna\directv stuff for fellow rver's and just visiting around the park. We had a chili feed up at the clubhouse on Wednesday night and an Ice cream social with entertainment today(Sunday) after church. Now on Tuesday morning(and I do mean morning- we have to be in Florence at 5am) we are going with Dave's sister, Joyce & Virge and the senior center group from Florence on an overnight bus trip to Laughin. Will stay on the Colorado Belle- ship/cassino/hotel. Should be fun. Oh almost forgot-tho I don't know hoe I could, we took another 4 wheeler trip on the trails, went thru Box Canyon and continued on for 3 1\2 hours BUT only 11 or 12 miles on a Moderate trail to the Coke ovens. They used these to cook coal into coke to use in smelting iron from the mines out here. They call this a Moderate trail( I'm not going on any Difficult ones. We had a great time crossed several canyons and rode along the rim across the top and up and down some of the biggest rocks and steepest rock hills I have ever seen. When you see pictures of the guys going up or down, That's when Karen & I got off and walked.. The only safe way to do it. If I had known, I don't think I would have gone, But Boy am I ever glad I did. It's the closest to Heaven you can find and so enjoyed going with Karen & Joe as we could set our own pace and stop for pictures, etc. Left the park at 8:30am and returned to the park at 7pm But it was a fantastic day I'm sure you will see from the pictures what I mean. Ok, better post the pictures and get outside as Dave is starting the fire for our marshmellow roast, Joyce & Virge & Karen & Joe will be here soon. More when we return from Laughlin. Have a super day.

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