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Olive oil tour

equipment to grind and separate the oil

shopping for oils

window decorations at the pork shop

Karen points out her favorite Pig

Dave's sunset view from the park

Strange title but that's where we have been the last few days. Their is a fairly new Olive Oil company in Queen Creek, which is just north of us here-between us & Phoenix. They planted the trees 5 and 6 years ago and gave us a real nice tour and explained how they make extra virgin olive oil. Six of us from the park went and met Gayle & Gary(friends from Hinckley who are staying up near Phoenix) Joyce & Virge, Karen & Joe and Dave & I drove up from the park so the eight of us had a kind of private tour(Luckily before the red hatters got there as they had a big group. I was surprised to learn that olive oil is not pressed as I thought but olives are picked at all different stages of ripeness and then completely ground up together including the pits and then the extra virgin olive oil is spun out and stored in vats until bottling- no other processing is done to it. After the tour we had samples and then went shopping in their store- what fun.. and yes Sis, I did get for you and Stacy & Jennifer, and will bring it home to you. After all the sampling, we still decided to go out for lunch and took the olive company recommendation and went to Sarreno's for mexican in Queen Creek. That was a fantastic suggestion. They had lunch specials- chicken or beef chimmicangas- I think it had a whole chicken breast in there and was sure glad I didn't get a dinner meal size. Great chips and salsa too. What a nice day. After that we had to stop and check out "The Pork Shop" famous around here for great pork products( Midwest pork used because of quality) But they are right, got some fantastic pork chops and ham and the greatest real ring bologna(which we enjoyed with the last jar of homemade sauerkraut-Thanks to Jim & Judi-Oh and also Happy Anniversary you two) We have had the first couple days of cloudy or partly cloudy weather this week. Dave & Virge went down to Tucson for the MDT (medium duty truck) rally to gather some info and actually had a few rain drops(down here they call it a 2" rain only because the rain drops are 2" apart. Also including a couple of sunset pictures that Dave went out and took because the clouds really made it pretty. More later as we will be going back out 4wheeling this week.

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