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Arizona sunset

trail to Martinez cabin

a mine on the side of trail

view from martinez canyon

long ago was a miner's brothel & bar(according to legend)

Dave & I in front of Martinez bar & brothel

What are you looking for in there Joe?

Martinez cabin

checking out the cabin-how did they get a stove up here?

Mining crusher at the mine

finally some water in Az. creekbed

burial along the trail??

beautiful scenery

following the jeeps thru Box canyon

Organ stop welcomes Rancho Sonora

the organ comes up out of the stage floor

all the pipes & instruments lit up

pizza was good

our group enjoying music & food

I guess I can keep saying I'm sorry for being so busy, but gosh is it fun. Sorry it took so long for me to get this info on the site. First as far as the title goes, we went 4 wheeling again and this time we made it to Martinez cabin and mine. Was a great trip, I think we will never run out of pictures to take and views to find. We also freaked out a group of about 8 4-wheelers who came up on us at Martinez cabin, Dave had taken off to go up to the mine but the 3 of us-me-Karen & Joe decided to rest on the rocks and wait for him, they came up and said hi and left for the mine. Dave said when they got to him they were trying to figure how the 3 of us got where we were with just 1 machine- gave them something to talk about. On the 22nd. we went with a large group from Rancho Sonora to Phoenix to a place called Organ Stop Pizza. They put on a show with lunch and the pizza was good, but they have the largest pipe organ in public in the world and it is all air driven and connected to a whole orchestra of instruments-drums,bells,chimes,horns,cymbals,etc. and could he ever play that. It was fantastic music and a great time. Thursday was trip # 3 in to get our new truck windshield set in right. I was waiting to make sure it was done right. Never easy, we thought we knew where to go when the rock chips started spreading, as my brother-in-law's college friend's dad had a glass shop in Coolidge, but he sold out and so when they replaced it first there was a gap on the top that we didn't think should be there, they ordered a new gasket but that didn't work, then Dave went to Tucson to the MDT(medium duty truck) rally and found out all the Freightliners were that way, so back to the shop and yeah- friends dad is there working that day, took only a short time and he had the window seated and sealed correctly. Great, now to take care of the shimmy at 50mph. Took truck to Eloy and got a front end alignment and he said needs new shocks on front, they don't have & want $80 pick up charge + shocks, so off to Phoenix we go to Freightliner dealer and pick up our own shocks and then back to Eloy to have them put on and then Dave decided to get the aluminum bed polished like he did last year so off to Babe & Sals he went. They did a fantastic job, really shines now. Next he has to do the roof on the 5th wheel and wash it. We have an extended plan to have the dealer re-apply a uv protector every year so will make an appointment for that in Yuma.

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