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trail to Montana mountain

his dog goes along for the ride

we will follow to the sheep

first sighting of the sheep

2 big rams on the ridge

roadrunners by the trail

roadrunner closer

desert side of the mountain

Joe & Dave on top of mountain

You can see forever from the top

the other side of Montana Mtn. looks like Colorado

juniper tree full of berries

bush with red & brown bark, not sure what it is

switchbacks from the top

look hard, the whole side of montana mtn. is switchbacks.fun..

home made ice cream & cake party in park

Bon Voyage-Joyce & Virge hooked up and ready to move on

Last year when we were out here in Az. we took the truck and drove to Queen Valley to check out the BLM land there and found some nice places to park but couldn't take the trails around then so decided to 4 wheel thru the area this year. Much better trails almost like roads, beautiful scenery, and wildlife.. We met some nice guys where we unloaded the 4 wheelers and they had been out the day before and found the Big horn sheep so we followed them and found them- 6 or 7 including 2 big rams with the curled horns and they weren't even afraid of us, so many people have told us they couldn't get close enough for pictures so we felt really lucky to be able to get pictures and watch them like we did. They were on the side of a gorge just before we started up Montana mountain.Also found the road runners, they were cute. We went up and up and up to the top and then switchbacked our way all the way down and thru the valley, then caught the road and back to where we parked. Got home just in time to meet up with a group from the park for a bon voyage dinner for Joyce & Virge, they are leaving on 3-3 and heading to Gila Bend, so went to L & B's for mexican- great food and good margaretta's too. Way too much food & then Larry & Kathy had made homemade Ice Cream so we went back to the park for cake & Ice cream- the cake was won at the Red Hatters cake walk(we missed out by 4wheeling) But got cake anyway. Boy do we all need to walk tonight.. Wednesday made another run to th e Pork shop for some more great Pork chops and ribs. 2 boneless country style ribs made 2 meals for us but sooo good. Friday- 3-3, said bye for now to Joyce & Virge, we'll meet up with them again in Yuma on the 13th. and their brother, Ray & Dorothy and hopefully brother Vern & Nettie will make it over from Dallas so kind of a family reunion thing going on. Also hope to meet up with some friends from last year and also some of the "Class of 2005" our group of fulltimers who started this last year. After they left, we enjoyed a Pancake breakfast at the park and started working on the 5er. Dave is so busy, I feel guilty but I try to help and keep him fed. More soon as we get ready to move on too.

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