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Imperial Dam

wild donkeys visit Imperial Dam LTVA

entrance at Yuma Proving grounds

Big tank at the Yuma Proving grounds

a Really Big Gun

Helicoptor looks like its flying

family group photo

Sunset over Mittry Lake

4wheelen trails

The Ocotillo in full bloom

The Colorado River goes underground here

The brothers at the Birthday party-where's the Bday girl?

Hummers found us here too.

a great spot for the feeder

a white egret and the black coots fish from the jetty

Dave took this picture of chicken Judi at the bottom of the...

A great shot of our campsite and Mittry lake from the top...

Dave coming back down the hill

a couple other guys coming down the hill- see how steep it...

Wow, we have a great spot to camp and so many things to see & do. We took the Freightliner out touring around and checked out the BLM land by Imperial Dam with lots of smaller areas around. This is LTVA or Long term visitors area, you can stay for $30 for 2 weeks or $140. for 7 months, this is boondocking or dry camping. Dave has been having a ball with his gps and keeping tracks of where we go both in the truck and with the 4 wheeler. We also went to the Yuma proving grounds on Saturday, this is the big Army training area here and Yuma also has a big Marine base so we are well protected. They have lots of military tanks & guns on display there so had to stop and get some pictures. This is also the area that General Patton used to train troops for World War II desert warfare. Got up early and joined Dave's family for Church in Yuma, a really nice church, and then had them all out here for deep fried turkey in the afternoon. Monday we went out 4 wheeling in the mountains and hills around us here and along the canal and Colorado river, found some other boondocking areas too. Tuesday Dave's brother Ray took the whole family out for dinner at Hunters- what a great place and good food, after dinner we went back to Ray & Dorothy's to celebrate Netties birthday(we won't say which one) with cake & ice cream. Then said our goodbyes as Vern and Nettie are flying back to Texas on Wednesday am. and Joyce & Virge are leaving to head towards Mn. We just relaxed around the campsite and met our new neighbors- Gordon & Linda from BC, Canada. Linda enjoyed visiting with the boys as they had to leave their dogs at home-they have 3 Akitas. Today(Thursday) we ventured out with the 4 wheeler again and this time we made it all the way to the VFW/BLM land where we camped last year- it's about 16 miles as the crow flies(or as we went) Mostly good trails and fantastic scenery. Dave had to go to the top of the mountain to see what the communications antenna panel was about, but I chose to wait at the bottom of the hill, when you see the pictures you will know why. He said it wasn't too bad and he did get some great photos. That's all for now, making plans to meet with friends so will update soon.

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