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intensive farming, just harvested and already replanted

one of many bonfires we enjoy with Gord & Linda

Judi,Gord & Linda at the bonfire

New Date trees started

The big Date trees

Freightliner makes it to Imperial Date Gardens

Flowers in full bloom

Made another trip to the Arizona marketplace( a big open market place) They have all kinds of goodies from clothes to veggies to tools ,etc. We had gotten a sunshade for the fridge as it didn't seem to like the hot afternoon sun and humidity in MN. last year and it was so nice, decided to get one for the awning too, Wow does that make a difference, we can sit out on our new mat and enjoy the views without the hot bright afternoon sun. Found our first mosquitos since leaving MN. at the bonfire last night but we have had some really warm weather- mid to upper 80's during the day and more humidity but not more than a few sprinkles of rain, just enough for a morning rainbow. Got some more fresh veggies(which I will never tire of) Dave checked the battery bank and the older batteries are just a little lower than the 2 new ones-which is great and we have plenty of power now, more than we have used so far. Sunday was baptism day for Miss Lucy, my newest niece, sorry we missed that one but waiting for pictures, talked to my brother( the proud Grandpa) and he said it was really a great day- the whole service was about Lucy and she was the star of the day. Monday Dave went 4 wheeling with Denny, they had stopped here when they were 4wheeling and looking for a spot, they just started out and have a toyhauler(trailer with storage for the 4 wheelers). Dave & Denny took a nice 4 hour ride. We took one more trip to Mexico today and had a really nice day, Got some GREAT shrimp tacos for lunch, picked up some stuff for family and Dave got an eye exam and a new pair of glasses. Getting ready to pack up, we will leave Yuma on Monday and as one of our first mentors says, the plans are made in jello, so now we change them again, and will head to Palm springs area to meet with more family,Gene & Judi Bergstrom for a visit before heading up to Death Valley and parts north towards Chico for spring escapade the last week of April. Oh we made a detour on the way back from Mexico today for the famous Date Shake- Yes, Helen we found it. and it was GOOOOD expecially since its warm today. Also ordered a box sent to Mom so she can bake and got a few for us to eat. The Imperial Date Gardens are out of Bard,CA. You take cty Rd. S24 off Hwy 8 (the winterhaven exit) and just stay on S24 past the other date places Because Imperial is the best. a Great place and nice,helpful people working there. They even found me a flyer about the Medjool Dates- they are the only variety picked fresh and eaten fresh and therefore the most labor intensive date to grow and harvest. They have a website or order from too. www.ImperialDate.com but my Mom says you can't taste the date shake over the phone-she was being funny when I called to check in with her and told her where we were. I'm sure glad I got that flyer because I know I will be ordering again. Still haven't found the place where they have dehydrated raisins but will check again tomorrow when we go to town to take Dave's brother Ray & Dorothy out for lunch- Pizza Hut here we come. Hope you are all enjoying life as much as we are. will try to update again soon. til then off I go to enjoy the sunshine.

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